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I layout some terms for you to look at all are not nessary theres a lot more I could go on and on but for time sake this is it for now.

  • Apparel means T'shirts
  • Garments mean T'shirts
  • Cure means ink is Dried
  • Flash is a Heating element
  • DPI means dot per inch.
  • Ai. Means illustrator native format with stands for Adobe illustrator
  • cdr. means Corel Draw which is Corels native format
  • psd. means photoshop which is Photoshop native format
  • Specaily prints refer to Foil, Puff, glow in the dark, Rinestone, prints of that nature
  • Subcontract is when a business brings another business work to be printed at lower rates
  • Bullet proof means the ink is a think batch  not thined down and that its dried really good other words it means it have a feel of indestrutable Usually is assocaited with white ink prints
  • Resoultion is the quality of the Image 300 is used for Screen Printing and if your doing a Banner 1200 may work best
  • Scorched means you burnt a T'shirt
  • Plastisol is the type of ink used on most shirts today
  • CMYK means Cyan, Mangenta, Yellow and k means Black ok.
  • Water base ink has a soft feel but its not as virbrant as plastisols.
  • Automatic press is a large printing press operated by one to two people at once and produces mass quanitys a lot quicker with out the hardwork of a manual press
  • four color process is a method use to reproduce 256 colors out of  4 colors
  • Manual press is a press operated by one person usally and can take a lot of time printing jobs and a lot of  tiring work.
  • Durometer is the Tightning of the screen mesh
  • Pallers are the boards that the T'shirt goes on there are many different sizes for different size shirts and prints
  • Screen Opener is a chemical used to clean the ink up it smells terribel
  • Screen mesh is the polyester type material that tears pretty easy and is mistaken for the older way of printing and old reference term "silk screen printing"
  • Carpotunel syndrome can be cause by the sqweegee in which case your fingers are in sever stiff soreness and or pain.
  • Ghost remover is a chemical that is used to get rid of ghost that are in your shop as well they get rid of left over ink residue
  • Greyscale is a grey picture where the color has been taken out only leaving 1 to 3 colors
  • Color change is when you have the same design but we change the ink in the screen to appear that you have a assoriment of shirts while only paying for one design.
  • Foil prints are when a application of foil is applied.
  • adhesive is a cleaver way of saying glue
  • Angle tells the film setter what angle to out put the films so a Moiré does not accure
  • Moiré is a undesirable pattern that you get when the same angle is applied to films.
  • Film setter is a intelligent new way of saying printer that outputs film or spits out films
  • Rinestones are tthose glittery Beands usally assocaatied with female styles
  • Transfer is a transfer of ink from what looks like paper to your garment through the application of a heat press.
  • Digital printer is new technology printer that prints  multi colors pretty fast directly on a T shirt
  • Large Format is when your printer can print really large images
  • Corporate mean a lot of wealthy business partners got together and started a big business
  • Franchise means your selling the name of your business
  • Sole proprietor is a self owned business