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Have you ever orders shirts before if not then you have come to the right Website and clicked on the right link, we will be giving you helpful tips in choosing the right printer for your needs and budget.

When choosing a Screen Printing Company to do you shirt order there's many considerations a client should put into perspective when placing a order.

1. The Price, When browsing and shopping around for pricing a client should consider the fine print,   and price that into the equation to find out there real total cost.
   Although these charges are justifiable charges they do sometimes get missed do to fine or uneasy to fine print to lure a customer to buy from there company instead.
   The most missed are Screen charge, Screen set-up, and sometimes Film output, ( Art Re-creation is a sometimes needed charge and is a different exception to the price    altogether when not having the proper compatible format for screen Printing. ) Compatible files are CDR. AI. (no compression) and PSD. Formats, These will wavier that    charge.

2. Turnaround Time, We all have deadlines to meet some are sooner then others, weather or not a company can handle them is another story.
    When Choosing a company and your faced with a deadline you want to make sure that company can agree to those due dates. small shops with empty pallets can take     and get working on your job sooner then bigger shops with a lot of work can.( even if they do have automatic Machines and employees)

3. Small shop vs. Big shop, Whom do you want to place a order with a Big company that transverse instructions or transcribes work orders to employees to get jobs done.
    or a  small company  whom may not have it as good but are owner operated and marvel at what they do and can carry out as big as task and completions as a bigger     company whom, pay mostly pay other people to carry out the tasks at hand. "If you  have a small order Big company may not  want to hear from you as they only take      large orders ( Hundreds ) as there minimum.

4. Experience factor, The years of experience a shop may have as apparel decorators. Weather a big shop or small shop nothing can substitute years of experience
    and how professional there business is may be consider, although we a small shop we have many years of experience as a company and have established a  consistent     in     quality at work and everything in the shop is dial in just right and works great for us.

5. Delivery, you may be a client that needs shirt orders deliver to a particular location. Weather a company can arrange that may be something of important's.