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As you can see this is the Facility where the Screen Printing happens Everything works great in the shop, we have all new singficated Machines that operate very well together And lots of stock ink and there colors that compliment the shop. Everything was bought in the shop for quality control & comfort from the necessary spautalus all the way down to the padded floor where we work our day,in the summer time we keep cool with fans for the Winter times its really nice cause it's a nice warm place. Products are produce here with the best intentions and are cared for We hope that when you place orders from us that your experience will be a good one and that we give you great service that you deserve. Operating a shop like this does have a fun factor to it  and although everything is dialed in ,can be diffulcult at times.  Most all  shops rely on  full Employees for jobs to getl done and to handle the Difficult task involved in screen printing .At tees me we  handle all task and Challeges that we are faced within everyday.

We hope that you enjoy our Company,website,and shop pictures that we have layed out for you to view and that you strongly consider us as your printer weather things are going great or in a bind.

Thank you,,
Owner / Operator